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Here, we give some information on how to use and maintain a bulk cement truck.
1. Prevent the bulk cement truck from overspeed and overpressure so as to protect the air compressor
2. Don't start or stop the air compressor quickly, please slowly accerlerate or reduce the speed
3. Don't change the rotation direction of the air compressor, otherwise, the machine will be damaged without oil supply
4. Please check the oil level before startup, as well as usually check whether the oil pump supplies oil or not
5. Regularly replace lubricating oil. After the new machine has been operated for 30 hours, please discharge the oil in the crankcase, clean the crankcase inside and oil-filter screen, and then replace oil.
6. In normal conditions, please check, clean the oil-filter screen quarterly. If the machine is frequently used, check, clean the oil-filter network every month.
7. Maintain, clean the air filter every 30 hours of operation. Avoid using oil or water to clean the air filter. After five times of maintenance, please replace the filter with a new one.

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