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  • Concrete Pump Truck 1. Main components used in our concrete pump trucks are well-known brands, like Rexroth, so as to ensure the reliability and durability of the vehicle.
    2. Hydraulic system with open circuit control, together with fully hydraulic controlled boom, enables our concrete pump truck to be used in severe environments.
  • Concrete Mixer Truck In order to offer customers better quality, we utilize chassis from world renowned suppliers, such as NISSAN, DONGFENG, FAW, ISUZU, HOWO, and so customers can feel at ease in their purchase. In addition, oil pump, motor, gearbox, and cooling system used in our concrete mixer truck all adopt famous brand products, contributing to vehicle performance and service life.
  • Bulk Powder Goods Tanker It mainly consists of storage tank, air compressor, discharge system, as well as truck chassis or semi trailer. With the functions of charging, discharging, transport and storage, our bulk cement truck greatly improves transport efficiency and effectively reduces transport costs, contributing to low product costs. As a result, it is very popular in cement plants, large construction sites, etc.
  • Tank Truck Our tank truck is designed to transport liquids or dry bulk cargo like mortar and concrete. As the lifting, loading and unloading operations can be automatically controlled by the driver through the use of manually actuated control valve, our tank truck greatly reduces labor costs.
  • Truck Mounted Concrete Pump The product shown in the pictures is our truck mounted concrete pump, which is widely used on construction projects. Our concrete pump can distribute large volumes of concrete in a short period of time, greatly saving labor costs associated with a job. In addition, it can disperse concrete onto high-rise building tops with ease.
  • Operating Truck for Bridge Detection Our operating truck for bridge detection uses DONGFENG chassis, and some hydraulic components are purchased from world famous suppliers, thus helping ensure the quality and performance of our vehicle.
    The integrated design of telescopic mechanism, swing mechanism and luffing mechanism enables our vehicle to quickly and safely send staff

Special Engineering Vehicle

Thank you for visiting our website! ! As a Chinese special engineering vehicle manufacturer and supplier, we can help you with all of your needs, whether you are looking for a concrete pump truck, concrete mixer truck, tank truck, bulk cement truck, or others.

More about Our Engineering Vehicles
1. Our concrete pump truck uses chassis from renowned manufacturers, like ISUZU, BENZ, and is designed with three control modes, including control panel, wired remote control, and wireless remote control.
2. Our concrete mixer truck can adopt NISSAN, DONGFENG, ISUZU, STEYR, HOWO, etc. chassis, and is widely used to transport and mix concrete from a plant to construction site.
3. Our bulk powder goods tanker is primarily composed of a storage tank, air compressor, discharge system, as well as truck chassis or semi trailer. It is built for transporting bulk materials such as dry mixed mortar, cement, talcum powder, flour, and more.
4. Our operating truck for bridge detection, which adopts DONGFENG chassis and imported key hydraulic components, is reliable, aesthetic, compact, and easy to operate.

Thanks to our focus on product quality and environmental protection, we are ISO9001: 2000, ISO14001:2004 certified, and can provide customers with quality products. Currently our special engineering vehicles are highly sought after by customers from Ghana, Angola, Madagascar, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Brazil, Vietnam, New Zealand, Malaysia, the Netherlands, among other countries.
If you are interested in our products, please contact us. logistics vehicles and tank transport vehicles are also available.

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