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1. Our truck mounted concrete pump utilizes superior quality components for higher reliability and durability.
2. Due to the open cicuit hydraulic system and fully hydraulic controlled boom, our concrete pump can be used in harsh conditions.
3. The utilization of an efficient cooling system enables our concrete pump to be continuously used at high temperatures, with oil temperature less than 60℃.
4. New "S" valve pumping system with large capacity, properly designed forced lubrication system
5. Our truck mounted concrete pump is very easy to operate as it designed with three control modes: control panel, wired remote control, and wireless remote control.

In order to satisfy different customers' demands, we offer a vast array of products, such as chemical liquid tank truck, tank container semi-trailer, refueling tank truck, and more. Our products come with a 12-month warranty, so please feel secure in your purchase. Product installation, maintenance, operator training and spare parts supply are also available upon request.
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