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  • Tank Transport Vehicle (Normal Pressure) A refueling tank truck is a vehicle designed for the transport and storage of oil products like gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil, coal tar oil, etc. It can be used for refueling of vehicles, farm machinery, boilers, construcion machinery, and more. Typically, a refueling tank truck consists of a chassis, tank body, refueling machine, oil pump, operating system
  • Tank Transport Vehicle (Bearing Pressure) The product shown on this page is liquefied gas tank semi-trailer, one of our most popular tank transport vehicles. It is suitable for transporting a wide variety of liquefied gas, including Cyclopentane, Epoxypropane, Ethylene Oxide, Ether, etc.
    In order to ensure the quality of our liquefied gas tank semi-trailer, we utilize world advanced technology ...
  • Tank Container As shown in the pictures, our tank container is a tank surrounded by a framework with the overall dimensions of a container. Compared with traditional bulk carriers and rail tank cars, our tank containers are more reliable, flexible, transportable, and have no such problems as pollution and leakage, making them the perfect solution for safely storing and transporting liquids and gases in bulk across the world.

Tank Transport Vehicle

Thank you for your interest in our our website! Hangzhou Automobile Company, an experienced tank transport vehicle manufacturer in China, is capable of providing a great variety of products for customers, including refueling tank truck, oil tank truck, liquefied gas tank semi-trailer, tank container, and more. Our most popular tank transport vehicles are shown in the pictures on this page, so please click on the specific product you are interested in for more detailed information.

Our tank transport vehicles are designed for the transport and storage of oil products and chemical liquids. As our products are manufactured by highly skilled technicians, using quality material and advanced equipment, they are highly reliable and durable. In addition, they are 3C certified, and meet the related international standards. This, coupled with reasonable vehicle structure, high maneuverability and long service life, has made our vehicles very popular with customers from Egypt, Ghana, Angola, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Vietnam, New Zealand, Malaysia, the Netherlands, among other countries.

We are ISO9001: 2000, ISO14001:2004 certified, and offer a 12-month warranty on our products. Hence, customers can feel secure in their purchase.
Located in Hangzhou, near the port city Shanghai, we have convenient transportation, translating into affordable shipping for our customers.
If you are in need of our tank transport vehicle, we welcome you to contact us. Other products like concrete pump truck, concrete mixer truck and bulk cement truck are also available.

Other Products
  • Concrete Pump Truck 1. Main components used in our concrete pump trucks are well-known brands, like Rexroth, so as to ensure the reliability and durability of the vehicle.
    2. Hydraulic system with open circuit control, together with fully hydraulic controlled ...
  • Concrete Mixer Truck In order to offer customers better quality, we utilize chassis from world renowned suppliers, such as NISSAN, DONGFENG, FAW, ISUZU, HOWO, and so customers can feel at ease in their purchase. In addition, oil pump, motor, gearbox, and cooling ...
  • Operating Truck for Bridge Detection Our operating truck for bridge detection uses DONGFENG chassis, and some hydraulic components are purchased from world famous suppliers, thus helping ensure the quality and performance of our vehicle...
  • Garbage Truck The product pictured here is our garbage truck, which is designed to collect waste and haul the collected waste to a refuse transfer station in medium and small cities. This waste collection vehicle uses DONGFENG chassis and comes with 2 axles, with a...